Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

Love at First Sight: Stage Your House Like a Pro

Staging Tips for Selling Your HomeIt takes a lot of effort to transform a boring space into the phenomenally designed and functional interior. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford an interior designer who will enter their home and reverse the appearance of the apartment. Some of us secretly want to be creative, to design, using our own individual style and preferences. But this too requires a certain amount of talent. Still, when it comes to styling a home space there’s no room for desperation because there are always some helpful staging tips that can help everyone in need of good advice on how to make the home look as good as possible. Keep in mind that your goal is not to deceive potential buyer, but to give them a real feel of how the property can look after they invest some money in design and remodeling.

Paint the fence

Backyard fence or railing of the balcony and the terrace is one of the first things your potential buyers will see. The first impression they get before they even enter the house is very important. In fact, a new color scheme on the fence will give the impression that your home is well maintained, and visually will surely look better. Also, do not neglect the front steps and front door – they must not be squeaky, loose, worn, etc. Sometimes, a bit of sanding and a few cans of paint will be sufficient to bring everything in order and leave a better impression.

The courtyard or balcony

By all means clean the garden, plant flowers, mow the lawn, style the plants. Beautifully landscaped courtyard will certainly leave a better overall impression, and will provide a higher real estate price. The same applies to balcony (terrace). Clean it up, put the pots with flowers, chairs and a table. Carefully placed furniture and pots can cover any disadvantages. Or, if nothing else, clean the exterior well and leave it plain.

Sell furnished homes

The sale of empty house or apartment can prove to be a bad move. After emptying the space that was formerly furnished, and removing the pictures and other decor, you are left with bare walls that can reveal many shortcomings. If at all possible, sell the home while it is still furnished. In addition, chances are that customers may want to keep some of the existing furniture, which is very good, if you do not plan to carry it with you.

Get rid of excess stuff

Clean up the garage, basement, attic, but also the regular living space of any clutter. Take out the things that are no longer in use, and are only making a mess. If your furniture is worn out, cover it with blankets, an old table with tablecloth, and chairs with decorative pillows. Another option is to get rid of furniture that really deface space.

Polish the floors and tiles

It does not matter whether the tiles and flooring are new or old, broken or worn, you should polish them to make them look clean and tidy. If the tile joints are full of mildew, obtain a means for removing mold or re-grout the tiles with only slight surface layer. Your tiles will immediately look newer and brighter.

Paint the walls

Paint the walls, especially if you sell a house or apartment that is already empty. Paint the house in a neutral color, white, beige or yellow, because that way you will create an even greater sense of space and light. You will create the impression that this is a new landscaped area. If the walls are covered with wallpaper, especially those old and worn, remove them and paint the walls in a neutral color. Wallpaper is very closely related to individual taste and not everybody likes them.

Renew the kitchen

Old, tattered and worn kitchen can look new again, if you paint it over with white, beige, chocolate brown, gray or other creamy color. Of course, it depends on how much effort you are willing to invest in real estate sales, but surely that seemingly well-kept kitchen with fresh paint and polished appliances is pleasant on the eye, which can be critical when selling and purchasing a real estate.

Statement doors

Interesting and striking doors will always provide an entirely different ‘tone’ of any room. Your home can change a lot thanks to the doors that represent the beginning of every story. From futuristic look to vintage era, your doors can create a completely new feel of the whole house.

Look for ideas

Interior designers who work for interior magazines and TV shows have learned to create such interiors based on their experience and rules which they apply in decorating. Each designer develops his own style and leaves that personal touch. However, designer tricks are not difficult to learn and incorporate into your space. It is certain that you cannot develop your own style on the basis of one project, but you can have a home from the magazine. Look through magazines, ask for advice from professional interior designers, consult the web to get some ideas on this topic, find some great suggestions for doors at Furniture Down Under, take a walk through a furniture store, look at different pictures and let yourself become inspired.

No one doubts that you know how to style your own home, but sometimes it is necessary to listen to the advice of experts. Then all that is left to do is to fit your own capabilities with the proposals of those who do this professionally.

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