Selling Your Home – Tips on How To Decorate Your Home Before a Sale

Selling Your HomeWith the housing market still slow you need to have the best possible chance of selling your home before your neighbor. One way to do this is to ensure your property looks fresh, clean and welcoming. You will find showing and selling your home is a lot easier if you have completed odd jobs and maintenance tasks and have taken the time to redecorated certain areas.

By taking on board the following advice you could avoid a decorating faux pas which may cost you that all important sale. Firstly remember decorating doesn’t just start and end with painting the walls – when selling your house it is also important to spruce up floors and carpets. You can book a professional to do this, which depending on the size and number of rooms should take no longer than a couple of days. However if you have the time a more cost effective way would be to hire a carpet cleaning machine and do the task yourself, however you chose to spruce up your floors do not consider purchasing new carpets in order to sell your house as this will be an unnecessary expense
with most new owners replacing any carpets once they move into a property.

With the kitchen always being the heart of the home be sure to clean cupboard doors or paint them for a bright and fresh new look. The walls of the kitchen must also be repainted in a bright light colour and tiles cleaned for a finishing effect. If you are planning on also painting all other interior walls within the house it is recommended that these are painted in neutral colours with a silk paint to reflect the light. Do not make the mistake of choosing a color to match your curtains or paint children’s rooms in pink or blue as this will only make it difficult for any potential owners to imagine the rooms as their own. Creating a blank canvas with neutral colors will help viewers to imagine their own furniture and belongings in a room. Remember once you have painted the interior walls it is a good idea to leave any photographs or artwork off the walls so that a clean fresh canvas is visible to viewers.

The bathroom is also a room which will benefit hugely from a fresh coat of paint however remember that the bathroom environment will be both damp and moisture intensive so any products used will have to withstand heat and humidity. Before choosing any paint products it is best to ask the advice of an in store professional so the correct choice can be made. Remember that a clean fresh look is essential in a bathroom and white is the best color to achieve this and although pastel colors may
look great and match your towels they wont be to everyone’s taste.

With the interior decorated the exterior of the house must also not be overlooked as flaking porches and fading entrance halls can be off putting. If you are not used to painting woodwork with gloss then it would prove worthwhile getting a professional to do this as the result will be worth the small expense. Removing and polishing the door furniture will add an extra cared for appeal to the house and create good first impressions.

Finally remember to de clutter the house , remove any memos and children’s artwork which is pinned to the fridge and clean all windows for that finished welcoming ‘buy me’ look.

Vivienne Ollis – Home Improvement Enthusiast and Blogger

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