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Best Way to Find a Real Estate Agent

When the time comes to hire a real estate agent, do you really know how to evaluate one? Where do you start? Can you really tell a good one from a bad one? Should you hire a lender first or a real estate agent? Whether you are looking at your first real estate acquisition or it’s time to sell a property, you need current market information to make the correct decision. You need a real estate agent who is right for you. Most people don’t trust real estate agents and for good reason. The fact is most average agents are inexperienced and sell fewer than two homes a year. In real estate, the average isn’t good enough. The greatest challenge for home buyers and sellers today is the real estate agent selection process. You need to proceed with caution, facts, and data.

As soon as word gets out you’re looking for a real estate agent everyone knows a “very good” one. The problem here is that few, if any, of these agents have been vetted. One successful transaction does not make a good agent. You can’t judge a real estate agent by most online rating systems because real estate agents can select only good reviews and delete the others. Bad reviews and negative criticism never see the light of day. The object is to determine which real estate agent is right for your particular transaction.

An open house is a great way for rookie and low-producing real estate agents to find clients; put up a sign and they will come. Open Houses are the wrong places for clients to select an agent. Calling on ads is also risky because it’s common practice for a low producing real estate agent to advertise another agent’s listing just to get you to call them. Every real estate agent knows that ads are not used to sell homes but are a tool to make potential clients call. Real estate agent referral websites are tools to attract new clients for the participating agents. These referral websites do not provide information based on your needs.

The negative opinion of real estate agents by the public is warranted but not because of a lack of good experienced real estate agents, it’s because the public continually selects the wrong agents. If everyone asked the right questions and did their due diligence, this wouldn’t be the case. Consider that 86 percent of real estate clients hire the first agent they contact. When there is no screening of agents, the bad easily mix in with the good.

Take Control of the Real Estate Agent Selection Process

The usual challenge to potential home buyers and sellers is about to change. Agent Fact Check was created specifically to protect the client in the agent selection process. Consider it a consumer protection program for anyone looking to hire a real estate agent. Agent Fact Check pre-screens real estate agents for anyone about to hire one. Agents are rated and reviewed by experts with decades of real estate and escrow experience. Real estate agents who don’t meet set standards are eliminated from the selection process. Agent Fact Check is the only real estate agent referral program today that puts the clients’ needs first making them different; better for consumers.

Agent Fact Check Is headquartered in Orange County and serving all southern California cities and counties. They have been beta test mode for over a year. They are a game-changer for how the public views real estate agents and hires them.

Simple Solution  

Agent Fact Check is very user friendly. Simply call them up. There are no online forms to complete. Their service is personal, confidential, and free of charge. Each agent search is done in real-time and begins only after you call to share your specific wants and needs for buying or selling. They don’t use algorithms, membership databases, or take cash incentives from agents. Their income is generated through the small referral fee they receive only if and when you close escrow as per standard practice in organized real estate.

Buying or selling a home can be stressful, however when you have an experienced dedicated professional real estate agent, the entire process will run smoothly.

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