Real Estate Joke

Life of a Real Estate Agent – If Only This Was True

  • Don’t we all hang out at Starbucks surfing Facebook and Google Plus, telling our families we are pulling listing and comps  for a new client.
  • Mother finally feels I made it because I drive a nice car, that is always clean because the big commission I get from leasing apartments such as Trump Towers
  • Truila and Zillow well no comment
  • HGTV well yes this is what my wife, brother, father and best friend things I should do
  • However I give people the dream of owning a home ! The American dream!
  • But in reality as a Realtor I push a lot of paper, and drive a lot of people around. My day is emailing, faxing, guiding people to fill out forms, driving people from one location to another and dealing with the other good, bad and ugly agents who can make a transaction smooth or be a thorn in your side

Real Estate Joke

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  1. HAHA This is hilarious, I’ve got to share this with some friends of mine… LOL! Great find 🙂

  2. This is so funny!! and so true? Many Realtor can relate to this. Gold. Haha.

    Jackie Macias
    Realtor Houston, Tx

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