Cool Anti Package Theft Product

Entrepreneur Mike Grabham Launches Kickstarter Campaign, Aiming to Solve the Package Theft Epidemic with a Simple Solution

Cool Anti Package Theft ProductHave you ever had a package stolen? If so, you’re one of more than 23 million. It is now possible to end this mail theft epidemic, thanks to Mike Grabham, an entrepreneur who runs the Seattle chapter of Startup Grind. His idea is practical and smart. He’s been praised by futurist Robert Scoble, who stated the idea was “…so simple, but so needed.”

The Package Guard is the size of a frisbee. You put in batteries and place it where you’d like to receive your packages. It runs on wi-fi and automatically alerts you via text when your delivery arrives. When you’re ready to receive the package, you simply respond “off,” and you’re good to go. If someone without Stop package thief with this productpermission tries removing your package, you’ll receive a text message from The Package Guard and an alarm will sound, scaring the perpetrator and alerting neighbors. The Package Guard can easily hold multiple stacked packages and with it’s water-sealed design, you don’t have to worry about moving the device inside during inclement weather.

Device to Stop Package TheftMike Grabham came up with the idea for The Package Guard when he was waiting for a delivery of winter coats to supply to the homeless through his organization, Survive The Streets. You guessed it: the package was stolen from his porch. He wasn’t able to identity the package thief and after that Grabham, who has experience developing tech products as the founder of four tech startups, took a year to create the prototype that would become the simple fix, and it’s foolproof.Stop Package Theft from Front DoorWith a retail value of $80 (significantly cheaper than any of its competitors), Grabham offers a limited quantity for $50 through Kickstarter. In addition to being a necessary addition to any home, The Package Guard is also a terrific closing gift for buyers as well a terrific housewarming gift.

Stop Package Theft - Cool DeviceThe Package Guard won’t eradicate package theft, but it will help deter it the same way your car alarm or home security system can prevent a break-in or theft. With the online marketplace growing, the number of expected deliveries grows too, leaving more opportunities for theft.  Now more than ever is it iExcellent Tool to Stop Package Theftmportant to protect your packages.

Although there are other solutions available, none are as effortless, cheap, and functional as The Package Guard. This is a scenario where simplicity really is bliss, because waiting for a package that will never arrive is anything but blissful.

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