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What Type Of Landlord Are You?

If you are reading this you are one of two types of people. You are either a  landlord curious of finding out what landlord stereotype you fall under or you are a tenant trying to workout if there are other landlords like the one you currently have. Either way here are the top landlord stereotypes for you to enjoy.

The Mean Landlord

Stricter than your high school headmaster and more unreasonable than your parents will ever be. This landlord is the type of landlord that many tenants dread having and try to avoid at all costs. The mean landlord will take no excuses when it comes to missing a payment and will rain punishment upon their tenants. The mean landlord is the type of landlord that avoids carrying out the necessary DIY on one of their homes at all costs and often makes their tenants pay for updates out of their own pockets. This is the type of landlord you don’t want to be.

The Nice Landlord

Nicer than a child trying to get something they want and with a bigger smile than Mr. Happy from Mr. Men, the nice landlord is a great landlord to have. The nice landlord is the type to never forget a birthday and always remembers to send a christmas card every year. This type of landlord is fully understanding when it comes to late payments as long as there is a reasonable excuse. The nice landlord is like the mean landlords opposite, so therefore is the preferred option.

The Invisible Landlord

The invisible landlord is the type of landlord that you hardly ever see. Their preferred methods of communication are email, text and phone call. The chance of you ever seeing them is extremely slim. This type of landlord makes you wonder whether they are a real human being or just a supercomputer that has been given a name. The invisible landlord will sometimes send other people to meet you, giving you the impression that there is a mystery behind who your landlord really is.

The Forgetful Landlord

More confused than a bird that has flown into a window and with a memory like a sieve, the forgetful landlord is the type that really forgets everything. They need to be constantly reminded of tasks they need to do such as getting keys cut or meeting up with their tenants. The forgetful landlord is nice at heart but nonetheless is extremely annoying for all of their tenants.

The Ghost Landlord

Extremely similar to the invisible landlord except you will actually see them. The ghost landlord is the type of landlord that forgets to let their tenants know just when they will be visiting and just turns up unexpectedly. This often leads to tenants needing to conduct a uber fast tidy up in order to not give the impression that they are extremely messy. Like the forgetful landlord, the ghost landlord can be extremely annoying as they just make you think – “why don’t you just phone me or text me to let me know, you have my number!?”

By author Endre Rex-Kiss. Endre is a freelance writer and guest blogger in topics ranging from finance, real estate and social media. This time he represents FidelisAM, a US based company providing tenant screening services. Connect with him on Twitter @erexkiss.

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