Rentscoper.com, A New Resource to Help Renters Find New Rental Listings and Obtain Fair Prices.

Rentscoper.com evaluates current rental property markets and shows available listings assessing if it is fair market prices.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
– Rentscoper.com launches their new property rental search and assessment site, which scans for rental listings on the web, organizes the listings on a regional map, and suggests fair rental rates for each property.  The site’s mission is to help unfamiliar tenants obtain a fair priced rental and keep landlords honest.

Piloted in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Boston, soon to be available across America, Rentscoper.com scans the internet  daily for new rental listings with patent pending, sophisticated algorithms, displaying rental information in a heat map format showing whether available rental offerings are over or under-priced.

Rentscoper.com other site features include:

  • Search for under-priced properties with comparison to the projected fair market price.
  • A range of searching methods including cost per room and by pet restrictions.
  • Multiple photographs of each unit plus the street view of any rental property and local neighborhood photos.
  • Property value heat map display for more accurate assessment of neighborhood quality than typically obtained with simple zip-code definition of neighborhood boundaries.
  • Views of live traffic to help assess commute times and understand city flow and urban density patterns.
  • Email landlords directly from Rentscoper.com to ask questions or request an appointment.
  • Email local real estate agents directly from Rentscoper.com to ask questions about fair rental pricing and neighborhoods.

Rentscoper.com was developed by Jeremy Elser, a Doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania in bioengineering, and Fred Glick, national known real estate expert and owner of multi-state real estate brokerage U S Spaces, Inc.

For more information please visit http://rentscoper.com

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