Top iPhone Apps for Real Estate Agents

Top iPhone Apps for Real Estate Agents simplify meeting client demands and expediting transactions. Before mobile applications, real estate agents dashed to their offices to conduct research for inquiring clients.  iPhone apps now allow agents to quickly source critical information while in the field with their buyers and sellers – putting real estate agents in control of their time, satisfying client demand for instant information, closing deals faster, and remaining competitive in their technology evolving market.

Surveyed veterans listed the following as their top iPhone apps for real estate agents.


  • ZipForm:  ZipForm’s features allow real estate agents and their clients to sign transactions on a touch-screen tablet with their finger or capacitive stylus.  Features include document storage, fill-in forms and templates, and emailing PDF documents. For $12.00 per year, managing transactions from the field is convenient and saves you and your client time.


  • ForeclosureRadarForeclosureRadar is a top iPhone app for real estate agents as it allows them to access upcoming Real Estate Owned (REO) properties, property which has been through the entire foreclosure processes and is now owned by a bank or lender. My favorite feature is the ability to see current auction activity and finding nearby foreclosures.  ForeclosureRadar does not charge for their app, but the app is only available to their subscribers who pay $49.95 per month.


  • Zillow Considered by many the top iPhone app for real estate agents, Zillow lists homes for sale and homes for rent.  Access to the GPS feature allows users to find home listings while driving through neighborhoods.  Zillow has galleries of photographs, touch-screen estimates of home values, and a general idea of apartment rents.  The filter feature allows for screening properties by price, keywords, and number of bed/bathrooms.  A buyer or seller can also use Zillow to contact real estate agents about homes they find.  The Zillow real estate app is free and they require no subscription.


  • NATProfile This iPhone app for real estate agents provides allows agents to search public records on the run.  Agents with access to comparative sales, market value analysis, title transfer, property characteristics, and property ownership.  The application further allows agents to find and contact the title representative of a property.  An agent must be a member of North American Title to use the NATProfile free app.


  • Nearly real-time real estate listings of homes for sale or rent in any location across the U.S. with property details, pricing, and open house information.  The GPS feature allows agents to see current property information while driving around neighborhoods.   The at-a-glance results show address, price, details, and square footage of the properties. provides detailed  information about the home, including photos and the MLS listing number.  Best of all, the app is free and requires no subscription.  


  • Zillow Mortgage Makers of the Zillow real estate mobile application, this top iPhone app is not just for real estate agents.  Agents, and the public, use this top iPhone app to see how their principal, interest and taxes, and break down in their mortgage payment.  Zillow Mortgage boasts an affordability calculator, a refinance calculator, and a mortgage rate shopper.  The app is free.


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