Would you rent to these folks? – In Any Rental Market = NO

Below is an actual email I received for a rental property I have listed. Needless to say I didn’t consider responding and wouldn’t event in a bad rental market with their credit.

Hello. My mother and I need an apartment. We are clean and quiet. The problem is the fact that our credit got messed up when we were institutionalized. I have since been approved for disability and my mother is seeking hers. I have a default judgement entered against me because I was institutionalized and could not come to court. However, I am now paying this off (it is a small credit card judgement). This is a crazy situation….we have the money but no one will take it. We have about 1500 in cash right now and we get paid again Friday.

I seek a one or two bedroom in Chesapeake. I’ll also consider Norfolk. My price range is 500-650 a month. I prefer all electric but I am flexible. I am tired of wasting money on application fees with the risk of being rejected. I seek something with no credit check. I will pay you a security deposit and up to two months rent in advance.

Thanks for your time

If one plans to rent in a rental market of decent tenants, one needs to thinks their actions and life style will effect their living conditions and who will rent to them.

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  1. Buy and bail is one of the worst examples of greed

    Cause the banks screwing people for years is so much better.

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