Home Buying After a Short Sale

Home Buying After a Short Sale

A preforeclosure sale, commonly referred to as a short sale, is the sale of a residential property in lieu of foreclosure for an amount less than what is owed on the mortgage. It’s one of those scenarios that should be stringently avoided, but nonetheless became more common after the economic downturn of the late 2000s….

How To Beat Bad Credit: CredNet’s Top 5 Credit Misconceptions

Article Written By: Ryan McElveen Credit is one of the most important, and one of the least understood, facets of our global economy.  Consumer credit allows for greater consumer spending, in the form of home purchases, auto purchases, personal loans, and credit cards.  Leverage, however, multiplies both the upside and downside of the risk-reward parity. …


The Real Estate Insider Scoop on Short Sales

Whether you need to short sell your home (to avoid foreclosure and save at least “Some” of your credit) or are in the market to buy and are curious about buying a short sale property, there are some things you should know going into it. Some key things that a Seller needs to know are:…