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Creative Marketing for Real Estate Agents- Don’t Be Afraid

Real estate agents are masters at multi-tasking. From negotiating and easing client’s nerves, to home staging, they do it all. However, among all of their abilities most avoid the greatest opportunity to help increase business – a personal marketing strategy. Hosting a marketing campaign is a confusing concept for many and is an area of contention for most.  If you were to ask an agent to talk abou … [Read More...]

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Renting vs Buying a Home

Renting vs. Buying a Home – Not a Closed Debate

While many people position home ownership as one of the clearest paths to a sound financial future, it isn’t always the right choice for every individual. In some instances, renting can be a better strategy as it avoids the many related costs of homeownership and does not run the risk of becoming “ … [Read More...]

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Before You Invest In Real Estate, Know This

When people think of investing their money in the market, they first think stocks, bonds and mutual funds. However, what Wall Street doesn’t tell you is there is an alternative asset one can add in order to diversify their portfolio: real estate. Real estate investing expert Preston Despenas a … [Read More...]


Are You Using the Right Technology to Target Your Market?

We’re just over halfway through the calendar year; a time you’re likely looking back at your stats and numbers to try and understand what’s working and what’s not while there’s still time to adjust your strategy and finish the year strong. If your digital advertising strategy isn’t performing as well … [Read More...]

Tips to Hiring a Real Estate Agent

5 Tips on Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Finding a Potential Real Estate Agent 1. Do your online research In today's day an age so much information can be had by a simple click of a mouse. We have to harness online tools to empower ourselves to do more with less. When doing an online search spend some time browsing through the web pages. … [Read More...]