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5 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Social sites have evolved beyond simply collections of photos and interests to become an integral part of many consumers’ daily lives. In April of 2014, Facebook surpassed one billion monthly mobile users. Consider the sheer scale of a billion users. That’s one in seven people on the planet that are using Facebook. Other social networking sites have hundreds of millions of users. Facebook and ot … [Read More...]

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Debating between buying a home or a condo

Debating Between Buying a Home or a Condo

When most of us think of buying a home we think of the nice detached house with a picket fence and a nice backyard.  Most of us have come across the idea of buying a condo at one point in time.  Buying a home or buying a condo will depend on your individual needs and lifestyle. Below are some quick t … [Read More...]

Marketing Real Estate Agents

Creative Marketing for Real Estate Agents- Don’t Be Afraid

Real estate agents are masters at multi-tasking. From negotiating and easing client’s nerves, to home staging, they do it all. However, among all of their abilities most avoid the greatest opportunity to help increase business – a personal marketing strategy. Hosting a marketing campaign is a con … [Read More...]

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buying historic homes

Historic Homes: Is ‘Owning Old’ Right for You?

Living and working as Realtor in an historic city like Alexandria, VA, it is not unusual that a prospective purchaser will say: “Wouldn’t it be fun to live in one of these old houses?” Yes indeed, but there are a few things to keep in mind when considering the purchase of an antique house … [Read More...]

Renting vs Buying a Home

Renting vs. Buying a Home – Not a Closed Debate

While many people position home ownership as one of the clearest paths to a sound financial future, it isn’t always the right choice for every individual. In some instances, renting can be a better strategy as it avoids the many related costs of homeownership and does not run the risk of becoming “ … [Read More...]