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Great Real Estate Advice Regarding Finding a Mortgage Lender

How Do You Choose a Mortgage Lender?

When considering buying a home, I’ve found that many folks go about it backward. They fall in love with a house, online or off, often getting excited about certain properties and neighborhoods right off the bat. This can be frustrating and disappointing if they find out that they are not really in their price range, or aren’t quite ready to buy or sell. Thus, right up there with choosing a real est … [Read More...]

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Real Estate - Understanding Closing Costs

Understanding Closing Costs

When buying or selling a home there are fees or “closing costs” that are associated with the mortgage transaction. There are many variations to these fees by location (primarily state and county), the … [Read More...]

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mortgage real estate software

Mortgage Returns, MR Help Portal

The mortgage industry continues to look for automated services to save time and money. Currently, many lenders utilize the services of a variety of vendors to automate the loan process and manage customer, prospect and referral partner databases. Mortgage companies should use services that will … [Read More...]

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Finding Mortgage Notes on a Low Marketing Budget

Finding Mortgage Notes on a Low Marketing Budget

Many mortgage note brokers who are just starting out have a low budget or no budget at all. If you are a note broker without a sufficient budget for advertising your note buying business, then you know marketing your business and finding profitable notes can be difficult. However, while it may be … [Read More...]

The Important Factors In Buying a House

The Important Factors In Buying a House

Looking to buy a house? If this is your first time, it can be arduous, scary and time consuming. Well, I’ll tell you something. It doesn’t have to be frightening, and it can be a lot easier. It’s all about making a decision based upon the best information provided. Where do we begin … [Read More...]

Recognizing and Reporting Mortgage Fraud

Recognizing and Reporting Mortgage Fraud

There was an advertisement recently showing a thief breaking into a home just as a woman was driving past.  Of course, she immediately called the police who then came and arrested the thief before he could get away with the stolen goods.  The purpose of the advertisement was, of course, to promote a … [Read More...]