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Roostify Helps Mortgage Lenders Increase Conversion of Applications into Closed Loans

Roostify is a web and mobile service designed to enhance home financing, making it easier for buyers and lenders to navigate the frustrating and time-consuming process to apply for and close a mortgage. Developed by technology, real estate, and mortgage banking experts, Roostify’s secure interface allows borrowers to easily apply for a mortgage and all parties involved to share and track i … [Read More...]

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Are You Using the Right Technology to Target Your Market?

We’re just over halfway through the calendar year; a time you’re likely looking back at your stats and numbers to try and understand what’s working and what’s not while there’s still time to adjust your strategy and finish the year strong. If your digital advertising strategy isn’t performing as well … [Read More...]

Tips to Hiring a Real Estate Agent

5 Tips on Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Finding a Potential Real Estate Agent 1. Do your online research In today's day an age so much information can be had by a simple click of a mouse. We have to harness online tools to empower ourselves to do more with less. When doing an online search spend some time browsing through the web pages. … [Read More...]

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Top 5 Recommendations for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Top 5 Recommendations for Preparing Your Home for Sale

As one of my colleagues likes to say, “It’s time to get your Martha Stewart on!” The closer you can get your home looking like a model home, the greater your chance for creating emotional appeal and therefore maximizing the sales price. Below are the Top 5 Items I recommend for a seller to do before … [Read More...]

A Helping Hand: Non-Occupant Co-borrower Loans

A Helping Hand: Non-Occupant Co-Borrower Loans

There are several ways in which someone can help a child, parent or sibling obtain a home. In general, this type of mortgage is called a non-occupant co-borrower loan. All primary residence loan programs allow you to gift down payment funds; however, your income and assets will only be considered if … [Read More...]