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5 Latest Door Trends For A Grand Entrance

If you think doors are all about function and less about form, think again. Doors can easily impact your curb appeal and add character to your home. When it comes to your entry doors, you shouldn’t settle for the “just another door” look. Here are five of the hottest door trends you can apply to your entry door to have an entry door that is not only functional but also decorative, and add a refre … [Read More...]

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Mortgage Misconceptions

Mortgage Misconceptions

One of the many roles your mortgage professional should play for you is helping clear up some of the misconceptions around the process. Even though mortgages, the processes related to them and the … [Read More...]

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How Realtors need to use technology to stay competitive

How Realtors Need to Use Technology to Stay Competitive

As a seasoned Realtor, you know all the tricks in the book. You know how to rearrange furniture to make a room feel bigger and what color paint a front door needs to really pop. And you know all this because you've been doing it for a long time, right? According to the National Association of … [Read More...]

The San Francisco Housing Crisis

The San Francisco Housing Crisis 2014

The San Francisco Bay Area has recently seen a new population surge on the heels of surging tech sector job growth.  With the lack of new housing construction to keep up with the pace, housing affordability has plummeted and the Bay Area has renewed its reputation as the U.S.’s least affordable ma … [Read More...]

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8 Useful Real Estate Apps for Consumers

8 Useful Real Estate Apps for Consumers

Change comes slowly to the real estate industry. It’s a protected and entrenched industry that doesn’t always embrace change and has established barriers to entry, which sometimes makes it difficult for new ideas and solutions. Despite the challenges, the rise of mobile users and the sop … [Read More...]